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From takeover by Yahya to general election
Mar 26, ’69 : Excerpts from President Yahya Khan’s broadcast

Mar 28, ’69 : Text of President Yahya Khan’s address to the nation

Mar 31, ’69 : Memorandum of conversation

Apr 02, ’69 : Martial Law in Pakistan

Apr 09, ’69 : Prospects in East Pakistan

Apr 10, ’69 : Excerpts from President Yahya Khan’s press conference

Apr 11, ’69 : Roy Fox's despatch regarding his talks with SH. Mujibur Rehman

Apr 16, ’69 : Telegram from Amembassy Rawalpindi to Secretary of State Washington DC

Subj: Military supply policy for South Asia
Subj: Secretary’s Lahore meeting with president Yahya
Subj: Secretary-Indira Gandhi meeting

Subj: Indian political crisis

Subj: New Delhi advisers meeting

Subj: Memorandum of conversation with Pir Pagaro

Subj: Current Pakistani scene - comment

Nov 14, ’69 : Airgram from Amembassy Rawalpindi to Department of State

Current Pakistani Scene - Constituent Post Assessments

Nov 28, ’69 : Excerpts from President Yahya Khan’s Address to the nation

Jan 07, ’70 : Airgram from Amconsul Dacca to Department of State

Subj: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's Foreign Policy Views, Electoral Strategy.  Details
Subj: Political Assessment: Status Report on Election Campaign - Double,
Double Toil and Trouble.  Details
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