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Washington, D.C. 20520


To: NEA - Mr. Sico

From: NEA/PAB - L. Bruce Laingen

August 3, 1972

Subject: Response to Million-Ton Foodgrain Appeal for Bangladesh

You will recall that on May 31 the UN Secretary General made an appeal for one million tons of foodgrains for Bangladesh for the remainder of the calendar year. To date in response to this appeal commitments are as follows:

Country            Thousands of Tons

United States         350
EEC   128
Japan   61.1*
India   50
Canada          50
Australia  40 **
Pakistan  22
UK    20     737.1

The US contribution includes 150 thousand tons valued at approximately $20 million which is additional to the $267.5 million previous total of US relief to Bangladesh, and which is scheduled to be announced shortly.

Attached for your information is AID's latest compilation of data on foreign contributions to Bangladesh relief.

* under very concessional 30-year loan agreement
** possible this may increase by 10,000 tons

Commitments to Bangladesh 1 Jan 72 - 31 Jul 72
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