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Subject: Peeking Policy in Indo-Pak Dispute.  Details
Subject: India-Pak Confrontation: Ambassador's Talk with President Yahya,
November 3, 9:00 AM.  Details

Subj: Indo-Pak Confrontation-Military Pullback.  Details
Subject: Yahya-Nurul Islam meeting.  Details
Subject: Indo-Pak Highlights, October 27 - November 2.  Details

President Yahya on Military Pullback.  Details
Subject: USSR-India-Pakistan: Soviet view of the crisis in
the Sub­continent.  Details
Subject: Yahya-Nurul Islam Meeting.  Details

Subject: Gandhi Visit--Advisors' Meeting in Cabinet Room.  Details
Subj:Meeting Between President Nixon, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Mr. Parmeshwar
Narain Haksar and Dr. Henry A. Kissinger.  Details

Subj: Pakistani Delegates’ forthcoming visit to Peking.  Details

Subject: Letter from President Yahya.  Details

A. I. D. Deputy Administrator's Report on Pakistan.  Details
Subj: Bhutto’s projected visit to the PRC and his desire to visit the US.  Details

Subject: Secretary's Meeting with Prime Minister Gandhi; East Pakistan Problem.  Details
Subject: Journalist visits Mukti Bahini-held areas.  Details
Sisco Discussion with Fonsec Kaul on East Pakistan Problem.  Details
Subject: Military supply to Pakistan.  Details
Subj: Indo-Pak Military Confrontation.  Details

Subject: Loan of US Submarine to Pakistan.  Details

Subject: Pakistan Military Supply: Commerce Licenses

Subject: South Asia
Subj:  Attitudes regarding role of Mujibur Rahman in political settlement in
        East Pakistan.  Details  
Subj: Attitudes regarding role of Mujibur Rahman in political settlement in
       East Pakistan conflict.  Details
Subject : Maury Williams' Views on Pakistan.  Details
Subject: India-Pakistan: Dutch-New Zealand initiative.  Details
Subject: South Asian Crisis
Subject: Indo-Pak crisis - GOI May Be Prepared to Wait a Little Longer.  Details
Subject: Yahya-Nurul Islam contact

Subj: Pakistan/India contingency planning.  Details

Subj: Maury Willimas’ view on Pakistan.  Details
Subj:  Sisco’s discussion with Spanish Ambassador.  Details
Subject: Call on Kuznetsov Re Gandhi visit to US.  Details
Subj: Observers believe Mrs. Gandhi Trying Cool Political Temperature at Least
Temporarily.  Details
Subject: Indo-Pakistan situation.  Details
Subj: Sino-Indian Relations
Subject: Pakistan Crisis
Subj:  Conversation with President Yahya.  Details
Subject: Conversation with President Yahya.  Details
Subject: Information Items
Subject: UN Role in East Pakistan Problem.  Details
Subject: Official French Statements on India-Pakistan Situation.  Details
Subject: Bangladesh contacts.  Details
Subject: Indo-Pakistan Military Escalation.  Details
Subject: Reports of Heavy Fighting in East Pakistan.  Details  
Subject: India-Pakistan fighting

Subject: South Asia

Subject: Letter from President Yahya to President Nixon delivered by Pak
Embassy on November 23 AM.
Subject: GOP talks with Bangla Desh/Awami League
Subject: South Asia
Subj: Conversation with President Yahya

Subj: India-Pakistan situation
Subject: South Asia

Subj: Indo-Pak Military Escalation.
Subj: French actions in regard to the Indo-Pakistan situation.  Details
Subject: Secretary's Meeting with Ambassador Raza.  Details
Subj: South Asia Situation.
Subject: Bangladesh Contacts.  Details
Subj: President Yahya Khan’s special envoy to Ceylon.  Details

Subject: Presidential Message to Mrs. Gandhi.  Details
Subj: Possible Bhutto visit to US
Subject: India/Pakistan Yahya Letter to SYG.  Details
Subject: Background on Cutting off India's Military Supply Pipeline.  Details











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