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Sub: Sisco - Hilaly- Yahya on the Military Aid Pipeline. Details
On Military Supply Pipeline for Pakistan between Secretary of State
and Pakistan’s ........... For Defence procurement.  Details
Sub: Cut off of Aid to India.
A follow up study of WSAG meeting on August 17 about possible cut - off
in economic assistance to India..... Details
Sub: William’s report on his trip to Pakistan and his recommendations. Details

Mission to Pakistan to Review relief, refugee and related Issues.  Details
Reports on specific recommendations of US-Aid’s Maurice Williams
upon his visit to Pakistan. Details
Sub: Contingency Planning - Indo-Pak Hostilities. A supplementary report in addition to State
Department’s report on the same subject. Details

Subj: Visit of  foreign secretary (Pakistan).  Details
Sub: Contacts with Bangla Desh Reps
‘We commented that we understood Moshtaque Ahmed had been thinking of going
to UK, and that might be better site for meeting. Yahya raised no objection to
that possibility ..... I believe that Dept should now instruct Calcutta to make
contact with Moshtaque Ahmed in accordance previous plan.’  Details
‘Farland reports that Yahya was “entirely agreeable” and “reacted favourably”
to the mention of BD “Foreign Minister” whom Yahya knew and described as one
of the true moderates amongst Mujib’s followers, Yahya suggested, a possible
meeting could take place in East Pakistan.....’  Details
Subj: Arrests of East Pakistani intellectuals
Subj: Pak army chief of staff on military situation in East Pakistan.  Details
Sub: Contacts with Bangladesh representatives.  Details
Sub: Guidance for Ambassador Keating - U.S. Policy towards China and India. Details
Conversation between Henry Kissinger (Assistant to the President), Samuel Hoskinson
(NSC Staff), Maj. Gen. Inam-ul Haq (Director General, Defense Procurement, Pakistan
Ministry of Defense), Z.M. Farooqi (Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Pakistan).  
Sub: Contacts with Bangladesh representatives.  Details
Conversation between Ambassador L.K. Jha and Henry A. Kissinger
Sub: Contacts with Bangladesh Reps
‘Qaiyum indicate that earlier initiative seeking BD-GOP negotiations has
cooled off considerably as result of intervening events and new pressures…
we think direct talks with Mushtaq may still be useful.’  Details
Subj: Refugee and East Pakistan Relief.
Sub: Situation in South Asia.  Details

Subject: Situation Report: India/Pakistan

Subj: Conversation with President Yahya Khan: Yahya’s visit to Tehran.  Details
A press note issued by the Pakistan Election Commission.  Details
Subject: Contact with Bangla Desh Reps.  Details

Subject: Situation Report: India/Pakistan.  Details

Subject: South Asia: Preparations for Hostilities ---- Intelligence Indicators.  Details
Sub: Contact with Bangladesh Representatives.  Details
Subj: Indo - U.S. Relations in Indian arena: There’s no place to go but up.  Details

Subj: TDCS report on Pak plans to initiate small-scale border incident with India.  Details
A press note giving details of trial and warning against contempt of Court.  Details

Sub: Contact with Bangladesh reps - meeting with Mushtaq.  Details

Subj: US leverage in current East Pakistan crisis.  Details

Subj: U.S. leverage in current East Pakistan crisis: U.S. Policy.  Details
‘Urgent measures should be taken to reach a political solution...playing regard
to the wishes, the inalienable right, and lawful interests of the people of East
Bengal as well as the speediest and the safe return of the refugee to their
homeland in conditions safeguarding their honour and dignity.’ Details
Sub: South Asia crisis - Pak-Bangla Desh Contacts.  Details

Subject: President Nixon’s meeting with the USSR Foreign Minister Gomyko
On the whole, he(Gromyko) would sum it up that the country that should be restrained
first of all was Pakistan, at least this was the conclusion the Soviet Government has
come to on the basis of what they had observed. The President (Nixon) said we would
need to keep in close touch with each other on this situation.’  Details

Kissinger responded........... ‘we were trying to set up a meeting between the Bangladesh
people and the West Pakistanis outside of India. And we had Yahya’s agreement to
that. And the Indians have now totally thwarted. They made it hard for these people
to deal with us, they are forcing them to check everything with them, they are padding
demands which are totally incapable of fulfillment.’  Details

Subj: South Asian Relief
‘Kissinger: But what the Indians are doing now is the, are equipping these guerillas
with really very advanced weapons.’  Details

Liberation War Documents  -  September' 71










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