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Dec 10,’70: Telegram from Amconsul Dacca to SecState WASHDC



Subj: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.  Details



Dec 10,’70: Telegram from Amconsul Dacca to SecState WASHDC



Subj: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.  Details



Dec 12,’70: Airgram from Amembassy Islamabad to Department of State



Subj: Footnotes on Yahya’s visit to China.  Details



Dec 19,’70: Constitution has to be based on Six-points


Dec 21,’70: Quantum of Autonomy by Mutual Accord


Dec 23,’70: Airgram from Amembassy Newdelhi to Department of State



Subj: Indian reaction to arms to Pakistan: Soviet vs. U.S.  Details



Dec 30,’70: Telegram from Amconsul Dacca to Secstate WASHDC



Subj: Call on Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.  Details



Jan 11,’71: Awami League alone competent to form Central Government - Sheikh Mujibur

Rahman’s statement at Patuakhali


Jan 13,’71: Telegram from Amembassy, Islamabad to Secstate, WASHDC



Subj: Z.A. Bhutto on Pak/US relations and other subjects.  Details



Jan 14,’71: Yahya affirms desire for early transfer of power - Nation congratulated on

peaceful polls - President Yahya Khan’s remarks at Dacca


Jan 14,’71: Mujib Future Prime Minister - President Yahya Khan’s statement at Dacca


Jan 29,’71: Airgram from Amconsul, Dacca to Department of State



Subj: East Pakistan: Qualitative appraisal of the Awami League.  Details



Jan 30,’71: Pakistan Peoples Party will strive for viable constitution - Mr. Z.A. Bhutto’s

statement  in Dacca at the conclusion of his three days talks with Sheikh Mujibur Rahman


Feb 01,’71: Telegram form Amembassy, Islamabad to Secstate, WASHDC



Subj: Possibility of East /West Pakistan split - China’s role.  Details



Feb 01,’71:  US ambassador's cable to Sisco          ( PDF )



Letter from US ambassador in Pakistan to assistant secretary of state Sisco

about the possibility of  East and West Pakistan split  and China’s possible  

role.  Details



Feb 02,’71: Telegram from Amembassy, Islambad to Secstate, WASHDC



Subj: Pres. Yahya’s views on Mujibur, Bhutto, and Pakistani politics.  Details



Feb 03,’71: Statements by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Mr. Z.A. Bhutto

Reacting to the blowing up of the hijacked Indian plane in Lahore



Mujib warns vested interest - Bhutto explains legal position.  Details



Feb 04,’71: Airgram from Karachi to Department of State



Subj: Pakistan Peoples Party on U.S.-Pak relations.  Details



Feb 08,’71: Telegram from Amembassy, Islamabad to SecState, WASHDC


Feb 09,’71: Mujib regrets delay in convening National Assembly session


Feb 13,’71: National meets on March 3, Dacca is venue - President’s order


Feb 14,’71: A report on the East Pakistan Awami League Working

Committee meeting



Constitution to be based on 6 and 11 Points - Reiteration by

Awami League Working Committee - Summoning of National

Assembly a step forward.  Details



Feb 15,’71: Sheikh Mujib cautions against conspiracy - Transfer of power early


Feb 15,’71: Mr. Z.A. Bhutto’s declaration in Peshwar


Feb 16,’71: National Security Study Memorandum



Subj: Contingency study on Pakistan- ADDENDUM to NSSM 109.  Details



Feb 17,’71: Telegram from Amembassy, Islamabad to SecState, WASHDC



Subj: Conversation with Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in extension

of Karachi conversations.  Details



Feb 22,’71: Kissinger's memorandum to Nixon          ( PDF )



Memorandum for the U.S. President from Henry A. Kissinger

about the situation in Pakistan.  Details



Feb 24,’71: Telegram from the US consul General in Dhaka



Telegram from U.S. consul general in Dacca to U.S. ambassador in

Islamabad about the Awami League apprehensions.  Details



Feb 25,’71: Telegram from Amembassy, Islamabad to SecState, WASHDC


Mar 01,’71: Memorandum from Harold Saunders and Hoskinson to Kissinger


Mar 01,’71: Text of Yahya's press statement



Yahya puts of national assembly session.  Details   



Mar 01,’71: Mujib's call for emancipation of Bengalees




Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s talk to the pressmen immediately after the parliamentary party

meeting following the announcement of the postponement of the National Assembly

session.  Details



Mar 02,’71: Shiekh Mujib condemns firing




Sheikh Mujib in a Press statement strongly condemned the killing of unarmed persons

at Farm Gate .  Details



Mar 03,’71: Mujib’s speech in public meeting




Sheikh Mujib urged the authorities to withdraw the forces from the city and hand over the

power to the elected representatives of the people.  Details



Mar 03,’71: Mujib rejects invitation




Sheikh Mujibu rejected the invitation of President Yahya Khan to attend the proposed

meeting of the leaders of all the parliamentary groups in the national assembly on

March 10.  Details



Mar 04,’71: Mujib congratulates people for stirring response to his call


Mar 04,’71: Memorandum from the National Security Council staffs to Kissinger.



Memorandum from Harold Saunders and Samuel Hoskinson of the National Security

Council Staff to the President's Assistant for National Security Affairs (Kissinger)

on situation in Pakistan.  Details



Mar 05,’71: Army Withdrawn to Barracks- East Wing protest continues- Firing in Tongi,



Mar 06,’71: Text of the address to the nation by the President Yahya Khan, broadcast over

Radio Pakistan network


Mar 06,’71:  Minutes of Senior Review Group meeting



The meeting concentrated on the situation in Pakistan. The participants were  Kissinger,

CIA, JCS, NSC and State Department staffs.  Details



Mar 07,’71: “Minority group obstructing transfer of power” - Statement issued by Sheikh

Mujibur Rahman at Dacca.


Mar 07,’71: Statement by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on Mar 7- Mujib gives 10 point



Mar 07,’71: Mujib’s condition for joining National Assembly



Sheikh Mujib announced his decision to participate in the national assembly

session provided his four-point demand was accepted before the session.  Details



Mar 10,’71: Cable from U.S. Consul on Pakistan's political crisis



A cable from U.S. Consul on the subject of Pakistan’s political crisis.  Details



Mar 11,’71: Keep economy in full gear in the name of Bangladesh: Tajuddin


Mar 12,’71: Memorandum from U.S. Embassy in Islamabad to Secretary of State



Telegram sent by U.S. Embassy in Islamabad on continuing of political crisis in Pak.  Details



Mar 13,’71: Memorandum from Kissinger  to President Nixon



A memorandum from the President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs (Kissinger)

to President Nixon on the subject of situation  in Pakistan.  Details



Mar 13,’71: Report of the meeting held on march 13, 1971 at Lahore by Minority

Groups in the National Assembly



National Assembly Minority Groups back Awami League’s four point

demand-plea for interim governments at centre and provinces.  Details



Mar 13,’71: “Mujib’s demands reasonable”, says Daultana


Mar 14,’71: Jamaat leader blames Bhutto for present crisis


Mar 14,’71: Martial Law orders issued on March 13,’71: Civilian staff of Defence

in East Wing ordered to join duty


Mar 15,’71: Transfer of power to Awami League and PPP in the two wings: Bhutto’s

Demand in case of pre-constitution changes.


Mar 15,’71: Memorandum from Sisco to Rogers



Memorandum from  the Assistant Secretary of State for near eastern

and South Asian affairs Sisco to Secretary of State Rogers on Mujib’s taking over

East Pakistan as Yahya flies to Dacca.  Details



Mar 15,’71: Announcement of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman



Non-co-operation movement to go on.

Peoples determination commended.

Fresh action programme as struggle enters 3rd week.  Details



Mar 16,’71: “Pakistan’s Peoples Party cannot be ignored in country’s

governence” Report of a press conference by Mr. Z.A. Bhutto.


Mar 16,’71: Minority parties leaders criticise Bhutto’s speech.


Mar 16,’71: “Bhutto’s stand contradictory”, says Air Marshal Asghar Khan


Mar 16,’71: Wali urges transfer of power to sovereign C.A.


Mar 18,’71: Mujib declines to accept probe body


Mar 19,’71: Clash near Dacca - Curfew clamped in Joydevpur


Mar 19,’71: Mujib condemns firing


Mar 19,’71: Dacca talks at cruical stage - Advisers’ meeting follows

Yahya-Mujib talks


Mar 22,’71: Victory is ours, says Mujib


Mar 22,’71: Daultana, Wali, Mufti resent postponement


Mar 22,’71: Agreement subject to our understanding - Z.A. Bhutto’s  press conference


Mar 22,’71: “Political crisis will be resolved” - Text of the message of

the President Yahya Khan


Mar 24,’71: Mujib warns against bid to impose decision


Mar 24,’71: Tajuddin’s call for vigilance


Mar 24,’71: “Atmosphere being vitiated” - statement by Mr. Tajuddin Ahmed


Mar 25,’71: P.P.P. - A.L. direct talks vital - Mr. Z.A. Bhutto’s press conference


Mar,’71: Operation Searchlight


Mar 25,’71: Mujib calls for strike



Sheikh Mujib gave a call for a general strike throughout ‘Bangla Desh’ on March 27th  

as a mark of protest against "  Details



Mar - 25, ’71, Mujib regrets delay in Political Solution



Sheikh Mujibur Rahman expressed concern over the regrettable delay in resolving


the crisis politically.  Details



Mar 25,’71: Mujib resumption of jute trade telecom links to function via Manilla


Mar 25,’71: “Only way out is to accept Awami League demands in Toto”, statement by

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman


Mar 25,’71: Mujib regrets delay in political solution - Attempts to divide Bengalees

And Muhajirs condemned


Mar 25,’71: Mujib calls for strike on 27th - Protest against army operations





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