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Contingency Paper, - Indo-Pakistan hostilities.  Details
Kazi Zahirul Qaiyum MP of Awami League met consulate official on behalf
of  Khondkar Mustaque Ahmed to convey to the US government that
‘A.L. Leaders are anxious for political settlement with GOP and are prepared
recede from total independence demand.’  Details
Dacca Internal Assessment; Lahore Internal Assessment; and
Karachi Internal Assessment.  
Announcing that Sheikh Mujib will be tried by special military court for ‘waging war
against Pakistan’.  

Sub: Military and economic assistance to Pakistan as a framework for
South Asian Decisions.  Details
“Cross-border shelling by both Indians and Pakistanis has increased as has
tempo of guerilla activity which is shifting from sabotage to direct attacks
on West Pakistani forces...”  
At a meeting with political officer of the Consulate A.L. M.N.A. Zahirul Qaiyum said
he was acting ‘under specific instruction of Bangladesh Minister who hopes to
convince USG to initiate negotiations with GOP which will lead to a meeting of
interested parties and peaceful settlement...’  
Announcing that Sheikh Mujib will be tried by special Military Court for ‘waging
war against Pakistan.’  Details
In the event of either having subjected to an attack or a threat thereof, The
High contracting parties shall immediately enter into mutual consultations
in order to remove such threat and to take appropriate effective
measures  to ensure peace, and security of their countries.’ Details

On statement by Pak President that Sheikh Mujib may be executed.
Sub: Indo - Soviet Treaty of Peace, Friendship and cooperation.  Details
Between Indian Ambassador L.K. Jha and Henry Kissinger.  Details

Aug 10,’71: Pakistan’s protest note against UN Secretary General

             A protest note against U.N. Secretary General’s statement at
             Sheikh Mujib’s trial.  Details

Aug 10,’71: Note for action to American Embassy Islamabad by Secretary of State

‘We will be interested in what Hamid as key advisor to Yahya has to say on
prospects for political accomodation.......’  Details

Aug 10,’71: Memorandum from Secretary of State Rogers to President Nixon

Sub: Discussion with UN Secretary General on UN Relief Effort in East Pakistan.  Details
‘General Hamid acknowledges insurgency, activity is continuing
at fairly active pace.’  
Conveying Mrs. Gandhi’s personal message about secret trial of Sheikh Mujib.  Details
President Nixon: ‘Let me be very blunt...... The US “must not - cannot - allow” India
to use refugees as pretext for breaking up, Pakistan ....... That is what India wants to do.’
That is what he might want to do if he were in New Delhi.  
Conversation with Pak army cheief of staff: ‘As Hamid saw it, GOI has
not taken military measures that indicated intention to initiate war against
Pakistan. It was true there had been some forward movements of ground
forces and that air units had been put in state of readiness..... as in
nature of alert precautions. Details
Sub: Conversation with Pak army chief of Staff: Indo-Pak military confrontation.  Details
visit to India

‘Both sides reiterated their firm conviction that..... Urgent steps be taken in
East Pakistan for the achievement of political solution and for creation of
conditions of  safety for the return of the refugees to their homes which alone
would answer the interests, of the entire people of Pakistan....’  Details

Sub: Instruction on contacts with Bangladesh represtatives in India - cable
for clearance.  
Fonmin (Foreign Minister Mustaaque) planning a trip to Moscow, but
would like to visit U.S. First.  Details
Text of the letter, dated August 14, 1971, from President Nixon to President
Sub: Admiral Ahsan on events in East Pakistan.  Details
Between Soviet Ambassador Anatolly Dobynin and Henry Kissinger on the situation
in South Asia.  
Sub: Contingency paper - Indo - Pakistan Hostilities. A follow up and updating
of views of SRG meeting of July 30 on the same subject.  
Sub: India and Pakistan.
The meeting agreed that ‘The basic (U.S.) policy is to be helpful in maintaining the
integrity of Pakistan.’  
‘What would do us the most good now is to have from Yahya a comprehensive
package that we can claim some credit in both in New Delhi and in our
Sub: Letter from Mrs. Ganndhi dated August 7, 1971.  Details
Report from Maurice Williams and Ambassador Farland on their meetings with
Yahya Khan and M.M. Ahmed.  
There is a split within the Bangla Desh movement between the “rightist” who are
In control but want to save themselves and Mujib through a compromise settlement
And “leftwing elements” who will quickly take over if Mujib dies.’  Details

Aug 20,’71: Telegram from Amconsul Calcutta to the Secretary of State

              ‘Cabinet appreciative of USG for efforts to solve current impasse. They regard
              report that Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s wife was taken from Dacca to West
              Pakistan and Pak Ambassador Hilaly’s public comment that Sheikh Mujib
              would not be summarily shot as hopeful signs.’  Details  

Aug 20,’71: Telegram from the U.S. Ambassador Farland to the Department of State

On trial of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Yahya said “you can stops worrying because I am
not going to execute the man even though he is a traitor.”  
Between Pakistan’s Ambassador Agha Hilaly and Joseph Sisco, Assistant
Secretary of State on military supply pipeline in Pakistan.  
  Sub: Contact with Bangla Desh Reps. ‘Avoid any impression that U.S. Seeking to
   play mediatory role between GOP and Awami League. Make clear that we are willing
              to help but only as a friend and if GOP wants’.  Details  

Aug 24,’71: Memorandum from Kissinger to President Nixon

Sub: Indo - Soviet Friendship Treaty
“The Indians seem to feel that the treaty puts both the Pakistanis and Chinese
on notice that India does not stand alone.”  
‘I asked Yahya if he saw any major obstacle to a select group of GOP members,
unpublicized and on neutral ground in a foreign country with a few of the key
people for whom Qaiyum indicated he spoke.... Yahya replied he would favour
such a development wholeheartedly, asking that in case such a contingency
developed, I keep closely in touch with him on this matter generally.  Details
Sub: Contacts with Bangla Desh represantatives - President Yahya’s reaction.  Details
Sub: Political coordination
‘Ambassador Farland characterizes Yahya’s comments as  “a glimmer of light amidst
encircling gloom.”  Details

‘We will welcome continuing analysis and comments : ( a ) possibilities for
negotiation between BD reps and GOP, (b) dynamics of possibly troublesome
division within BD movement (including Mukti Bahini) over Quote independence
vs accommodation UNQUOTE......’  Details
The discussion between Kissinger and Indian Ambassador L.K. Jha centred
around ‘curious phase’ of Indo-U.S. Relationship and Mrs. Gandhi’s
forthcoming visit. Jha said that ‘Haksar and Kaul were the real obstacles
in India and that in the foreign office there are many pro - Soviet
elements.  Details
Sub: Roger - Dobrynin talk on South Asia
“The intent of the Indo-Soviet friendship treaty was to calm the Indians by
Assuring them that they had friends at a time when they suspected the
Pakistanis  of planning hostilities.”  Details
Sub: Text of Letter from Bangladesh Foreign Minister.  Details
Sub: Meeting with Bangladesh Representative
‘Qaiyum claimed that since he established contact with Congen, (BD) Fonmin
had “cancelled” other efforts solve problem. He said, “We are the only
Sub: Conversation with retired Maj. - Gen Jilani, NAP ( R )

Sub: Some East Pakistan Observations: A trip report by FSO H. Batjer

Sub: Contacts with Bangladeshi representatives.  
Sub: Contacts with Bangla Desh representatives. ‘We would also inform Mustaq Ahamed
that Yahya showed interest in a meeting of GOP reps and BD reps and volunteer to pass
back to President Yahya any response Mustaq may have.’  Details
Sub: Trial of Mujibur Rahman

Liberation War Documents  -  August' 71










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