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The memorandum is on the subject of background to the thinning out of
the U.S. presence in East Pakistan.  Details
Subject: USG expression of concern on East Pakistan
A telegram from the Consulate General in Dacca to the Department of State on the subject of  
dissent from U.S. policy toward East Pakistan.  Details  
Transcript of telephone conversation between Secretary of State Rogers and the President's
Assistant for National Security Affairs Kissinger.  Details
Telegram from the embassy in Pakistan to the Department of State
regarding Yahya's letter to President Nixon.  Details
Telegram from the embassy in Pakistan to the Department of State
on assessment of Pak situation.  Details
The proclamation of independence order, which was issued on April 10 shall be deemed to have
come into effect from March 26, 1971.  Details
Subj: Specific areas of dissent with current U.S. Policy toward East Pakistan
English translation of an address by Mr. Tajuddin Ahmed, Prime Minister, on behalf of the
Government of Bangla Desh headed by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, broadcast by Swadhin
Bangla Desh Betar Kendra to the people of Bangladesh.  Details
CIA’s assessment about the present and prospective state of Pakistani civil war and role of
India and other powers.  Details
Telegram sent by  from U.S. Embassy in Islamabad regarding Chou En- Lai’s letter to Yahya.  Details
Memorandum from Joseph J. Sisco to the Acting Secretary  regarding
department position on the paper reassessing U.S. Policy for Pakistan.  Details
A declaration of Mr. Tajuddin Ahmed where he states that thousands have seen the birth of a new
nation. He appeals to the world leaders for positive help.  Details
Extract from Record of the U.S. Senate containing letter dated April 17, 1971 from Dr. John E.
Rohde, a physician evacuated from East Pakistan, to Senator William B. Saxbe.  Details

Subj: Pakistan - A personal reflection on the choice  before us.  Details
Press Statement issued by Professor Muzaffar Ahamed, President of National Awami Party (NAP),
Bangla Desh concerning full support to Bangla Desh Government.  Details  
Press statement of Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani, President of National Awami Party,
Bangladesh.  Details
Subj: Review East Pakistan situation and USG position

Subj: Policy options towards Pakistan.  Details










Liberation War Documents  -  April' 71
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