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After math of 1965 war to fall of Ayub
Subj: Abortive Coup-Assasination Plod

Subj: An exercise in conspiracy: A resume’

Subj: Reactions to Bhutto's arrest and Asghar Khan's entry into politics

Subj: Reaction in the Karachi Consular district to the Bhutto arrest

Jan 29, ’69 : Political development in Pakistan

Closing Phase of Ayub regime :

From the report of  the Commission of Inquiry  - 1971 War,  as declassified by
the Government of Pakistan.  Details
CIA’s confidential report on political situation of Pakistan.  Details
Memorandum prepared by State Department’s Director of Intelligence &
Research regarding chaotic situation in Pakistan.  Details

Mar 13, ’69 : Mujib’s Address to the round table conference.

Mar 25, ’69 : Memorandum from Kissinger on Ayub Khan’s resignation

Henry Kissinger’s memoranda to President Nixon on Ayub Khan’s
resignation.  Details
Foreign and Commonwealth Relations Office requests Rawalpindi for precise
        Sequence of events. Details
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