Name: Shushila Pramanik

Husband: Shashadhar Pramanik (killed by Pakistan Army)

Vill: Hatiandaha, Union: Hatiandaha

P.S.: Shingra, Dist.: Natore

Education: Illiterate

Age in 1971: 30/31 yrs

Occupation in 1971: Housewife

Present Occupation: Housewife




Q. Do you remember anything about1971?


A. Yes, we had voted in that year.



Q. Who did you vote for?


A. I voted for Sheikh Mujib’s ‘Boat’. Then the situation became grave. We started running all over the place. Out of fear we hid ourselves in the jungle. From there they caught my husband and then they looted everything we had. There was absolutely nothing left in our house.



Q. Did they set fire to your home?


A. Yes, they did.



Q. Who did it, do you remember?


A. Yes I remember. They were all from our village.



Q. Do you remember their names?


A. They are not here any more. They are now residents of Natore. Some of them are dead by now. They all belong to the Mir clan. One of them is Buda Mir.



Q. Did the Pakistan army come to your village?


A. Yes, they did.



Q. What did they do after they came to your village?


A. First they surrounded the village. Then we started running all over the place out of fear for life. We didn’t know what to do. Then we hid ourselves in the jungle. The Militery (Military) then started firing. At that time my husband was with me. Then the military entered the jungle and caught us and brought us out of the jungle. The military split us in two groups. They drove me and the Muslims out of the jungle and then they shot and killed my husband.



Q. Did you see the shooting of your husband?


A. Yes, I did. We saw it from some distance. There were others with me.



Q. How many Pakistani army men were there then?


A. About 26/27 of them.



Q. When did it happen? Do you remember the month and date?


A. I remember the month, it was Baishakh, but I don’t remember the date.



Q. What did the Pak military do then?


A. They looted many houses and then they set fire to them. After the military left I returned home. A son of mine was lost that day. Every piece of our belonging was looted. Then in the darkness of night I left our home.



Q. Where did you want to go?


A. India.



Q. Did you find your lost son?


A. Yes, I did. He had left for India before me with some of our villagers. I found him when I reached Balurghat.



Q   When did you return?


A. I returned after Bangladesh became independent. After we returned Sh. Mujib had given us two thousand taka and a letter.



Q   Do you still have the letter?


A. Yes. But I would have to look for it.


Interviewer: S. M. Abu Bakr

Date of Interview: July 09, 1997

Translator: Dr. Faruq Aziz Khan



Source: History from Below, Centre for Research on Liberation War of Bangladesh, p.135