Name:Renu Begum

Husbandís Name:Karim Sarder (Killed by Pakistani Soldiers in 1971)

Present Husband :Sirajul Islam

Vill:Naopara, Union: Chapilla, P.O. Naopara Hat

P.S. Gurudaspur, Dist: Natore

Education: Literate

Age in 1971: 21/22 years.

Occupation 1971: Housewife

Present Occupation: Housewife.



Q.Do you remember anything about 1971- was there a national election that year?


A.Yes, I remember. We participated in the election.


Q.In whose favor didyou cast your vote?


A.In favor of the ĎBoatí, I mean Sheikh. MujibísAwami League. I had seen Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Sahib. Before the voting he visited our area. He addressed a meeting at the Kanailal grounds. After the elections the war started. Military entered our home and grabbed my elder sister-in-law. They tortured(raped) her. She became sick. After she was treated by a doctor she recovered.


Q.How many soldiers tortured her?


A.Five of them.


Q.Where were you then?


A.I ran away to the near by jute field and hid myself.


Q.Where is your sister-in-law now?


A.She has another family. After the country became independent she was married.


Q.Where was your first husband then?


A.He had joined the freedom fighters to liberate the country. He was shot and killed.

Q.Who shot your husband?


A.The Pak army captured him from our house and took him away.


Q.He had joined the liberation forces. Why did he come home?


A.He came to see us, I mean to see our children. He was taking care of the children when he was caught and taken away.


Q.Who caught him?


A.Pak army, I mean military.


Q.How did the Pak force come to know that he had come home?


A.A man from the village informed the military.


Q.Do you know his name?


A.Yes, Kachhu Moktar.


Q.Where were you when the Pak soldiers caught your husband?


A.I was at home.


Q.Did the Pak soldiers torture you or your sister-in-law like they did before?


A.No, sir.


Q.How old were your children then?


A.One was two years old and the other was in my womb. She was born in the same year. Her name is Lily.


Q.What did the Pak bahini do with your first husband?


A.They killed him. And then I went to my fatherís home.


Q.Did you get any help from the government after liberation?


A.Yes I did. I got some money and iron sheets, rice, milk and sugar for the children; we got everything.


Q.What did you do after the country was liberated?


A.My sister-in-law was married after about three years. I was also married after the country was liberated.

Q.Did your present husband marry you of his own wish?


A.Yes, he married me of his own wish.


Q.Did you have any objection to this marriage?


A.No, I had no objection.


Q.What happened to your husbandís home and the children by your first marriage?


A.Their home is still there. My in-laws live there.


Q.Where are your children by your first marriage?


A.They are all married by now.


Q.Are both your children daughters?


A.Yes. My husbandís second wife had a son and a daughter.


Q.Where is the son now?


A.He lives in Jongli. My first husbandís home was in Jongli.


Q.Where is Jongli?


A.It is a village under Natore subdivision.


Q.Are both your daughters married?


A.Yes, both my daughters are married.


Q.During the liberation war was your first husbandís home looted?


A.Yes, his home was looted.


Q.Did the Pak soldiers torture (defile) you?


A.Yes, they did.


Q.Didnít any of your neighbors or any one from the village protest against it?


A.How can they protest? They were all so scared, and they deserted the village.


Q.Did you fall sick due to Pak torture?




Q.Did you get back the dead body of your husband?


A.No, we did not.



Name of the interviewer: S. M, Abu Bakar and Sujit Sarker

Date of interview:July 30, 1997.

Translator:Faruq Aziz Khan