NameMirza Gholam Hafiz

Fatherís NameLate Farazuddin Ahmed

VillChak Enayetpur, UnionBetdigi, P.O. Badila Hat

P.S.Fulbari, Dt. Dinajpur

Educational Qualification†† H.Sc.

Age in 197123 yrs.

Occupation in 1971Student, Present Occupation†† Business


Q.    What do you know about the general elections of 1971 and the situation after it.


A.     The refusal of the autocratic rulers of 1971 to accept the results of the elections

and their reluctance to transfer power to the majority party created an explosive situation in the country. At the time we had confidence on ourselves as Bengalis as well as faith in Bengali nationalism. Based on these we developed a sense of hatred against the Pakistani ruling clique, and so we launched a movement and fought for our rights.


Q.    What was the feeling of the people of your area?


A.     There was a deep sense of hatred and anger against the Pakistanis but the rural †††population were not mentally prepared for an all out war against them. This had happened somewhat later due to many reasons and changed situation. It was the Pakistanis who were responsible for the movement launched by us.


Q.    What do you know about the Pakistani military junta attack in the night of Mar 25, 1971?


A.     I heard about the attack from others. People were streaming here from many

areas and the news of the attack spread across our area through them. I heard about the arrest of Bangabandhu and the news of widespread torture and killing of innocent people..


Q.    Were you attacked in 1971?


A.†† Yes.††††