Name.Mosammat(Mrs) Hazera Bibi

Husbandís NameShaheed Mofizuddin (Killed by Pakistan Army in 1971)

Vill†† Prankrishnapur, UnionPutimara, P.O Putimara

P.S.Nababganj†† Dt. Dinajpur

Educational Qualification in 1971Read up to ClassV

Age in 197130/31 Yrs

Profession in 1971Housewife,Present Occupation, Taking Care of the Family




QWhat were you doing in 1971?


A†† What else could I do? Just a housewife and taking care of the childrenís

††††† education.


Q†† How many children did you have then?


A††† I had four, two boys and two girls.


Q†† What was your husbandís occupation?


A†† He was a school teacher.


Q†† In which school he was teaching?


A†† Kankratoli School.


Q†† Were you attacked by the Pakistani soldiers in 1971?


A†† Yes. Being afraid of them (Pakistan Army) we left our home and everything, and took refuge in relativesí houses. The Pakistanis set fire to our homestead. They said they wouldnít let us live in our own house. They tortured us and then we left our home.


†††† Q.Where did you go?


††††† A You see that meadow (pointing her finger in a certain direction) thatís where went.


††††† Q†† During the liberation war many people left for India. Didnít you go with them?


††††† A†† We didnít go. All the village elders got together and decided that if we were to die,let us die here. We wouldnít leave our village.


††††† Q†† How did the Pakistani soldiers attack your village?


††††† A.†† One day the Muktis (freedom fighters) killed some Punjabis (Pak soldiers) near our village. Two of the Muktis were from our village. Then the Punjabis raided our village.The day the Punjabis were killed, the same night they cordoned off our village. In the morning when they were passing by our home they dragged myhusband out and asked him if he had a watch as they wanted to know the time and then pulled him by the shoulder and took him away.


††††† Q††† Were you at home then?

††††† A††† Yes.


††††† Q†† Did they take him away pulling by the shoulder in front of you?


††††† AYes, they took him away. I was terribly shocked and I fell down on the ground.


††††† Q†† What did they do to your husband after they took him away?


††††† A††† They had taken many victims at the same spot.


††††† Q†† Was your husband the only one to be killed on that day?


††††† A††† No. All those who were bundled up there were killed. They also killed my husband. They didnít kill any of my children.


††††† Q††† Your sons were not killed?


††††† A†††† My sons were not killed.


††††† Q†††† In your family only your husband was killed?


††††† A†††† Yes, my husband was killed.


††††† Q†††† Where were you then?


††††† A†††† On that side. There is a pond and I was standing on the bank of the pond. There were several women, all crowded at the same spot.


††††† Q††† All of you left?


††††† A††† They created havoc! They set fire to everything, disgraced us and violated our honor. All the women left their homes for fear of repression.


††††† Q††† What did you do then?


††††† A †††We were in terrible distress. We went hungry, and with great hardship I managed to send our son through school.


†††† Q††† After independence did you get any help from the government?

†††† A††† Not much, I got only two thousand taka.


†††† Q.††† Now your children are grown up?


†††† A.††† Yes they are grown up.


†††† Q††† With your children now are youÖ..?


†††† A.†† Just managing to drag on.


††††††† ††Nababgund.llectedby horror 1996


om the government?e bank of the pond my husband. (Interviewer†† Bhabendranath Barman)

†††††††† Date of InterviewNov 12, 1996