Name      Feroza Begum

Husband   Shaheed Azizur Rahman (killed by Pakistan army in 1971)

Vill  Ramkrishnapur, Dt. Dinajpur

Educational Qualification    Illiterate

Age in 1971   25/26 years

Occupation in 1971   Housewife

Present occupation    Retired



Q.       How many children do you have?

A.       Two sons, one daughter.


Q.       Were you attacked by the Pakistani soldiers in 1971?

A.       Yes, I was.


Q.       What happened then?

A.       The Khans killed my husband.


Q.       How did the Khans kill your husband?

A.       At night my husband and I went to bed with our children. In the morning when  

           We woke up we found that our home was surrounded by Pakistani soldiers.


Q        And then what happened?

A.       All the men, women and children were taken to a nearby field and surrounded by



Q.       Who did this?

A.       The Khans.


Q.       How did they do it?

A.       Every one was called out telling them that they were needed for cutting earth for

           building a bridge. They were not released. They were shot dead. I ran for shelter

           but wherever I went the Khans were there. I had a 4 month old baby in my arms.


Q.       What happened then?

A.       Then I ran through the open space in between paddy fields. My husband and all

           the others were taken away to the other side of the village and assembled for



Q        How many of your family were killed?

A.       They killed my husband, father-in-law, two of my uncle-in-laws and a brother-



Q.       Who else were killed with them?

A.        I heard that quite a few of others were killed.



Q.       Did you see the killing?

A.       Yes. Later on I saw the massacre.


Q.      What was your feeling then?

A.       I thought they would kill me also when they would return.


Q.      What did you do then?

A.      What could I do? I was simply a wailing widow in terrible distress with my

           infant children nothing to fall back on.


Q.       How old was your eldest son during the liberation war?

A.       He was two and a half years old.


Q.      How old was your other child?

A.      My youngest son was only four and a half month old.


Q.     What are you doing now?

A.      I am a housewife taking care of the children.


Q.     What was the condition of your village home after the war?

A.      There was nothing left. The Khans had smashed and burnt down        everything.

          Everything had to be rebuilt.


Interviewer :  Bhabendra Barman.  

Date of interview :   Nov 13, 1996