Warning Against Manoeuvres to Create Economic Crisis


The Awami League Chief, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, in a statement issued here this evening said:


" I am overwhelmed by a deep sense of gratitude to Almighty Allah and to my beloved countrymen-the students, workers and peasants-for the unprecedented victory of the Awami League, both in the National and Provincial elections. I warmly thank the people for having given a historic verdict in favour of our six-point programme. We pledge to implement this verdict. There can be no constitution except one which is based on the six-point programme".


" I view with grave concern the spiralling rise in price of the daily necessities of life, such as rice, edible oil and other essential commodities. This seems to be part of a last, desparate bid by the vested interests to create economic chaos and thus to sabotage the peaceful transfer of power to the people. Let them be warned that the people will not spare those responsible for these criminal misdeeds. Indeed the economic system, which allows such exploitation, will have to be replaced by one which caters to the needs of our toiling masses".


" I am equally concerned by the grave threat of famine, which faces us as a result of wide-spread destruction of crops by floods and cyclones. I urge the Government to make immediate arrangements for sufficient stocks and distribution of foodgrains, and to inform the people of the action that is being taken in this regard."


Sheikh Mujib said: " I urge that the entire foreign exchange and other resources which have been sent for relief to the survivors of the cyclone-ravaged areas in Bangla Desh should immediately be placed under the exclusive control of the Provincial Governments. The exchange remittances received for such purpose should be given the benefit of the bonus rate. All foreign exchanges received must be earmarked exclusively for utilisation in the cyclone-ravaged areas of Bangla Desh".


" Since there are still persistent reports of bottle-necks in relief operation, being created by Central Government bureaucrats, I urge that a white paper be published immediately setting out in detail an account of all the foreign exchange and other resources received so far for relief and their utilisation. I would urge the President to direct that this should be done immediately in order to remove serious misgivings which have-arisen about this matter".


"We appreciate that the President has granted an amnesty releasing persons who had been convicted under MLRs of offences arising out of their political activities. We have always been demanding such an amnesty as also the release of all political prisoners including persons who have been convicted in cases arising out of their political activities. We would urge that the amnesty be implemented in full and that all persons, including students and workers, who are in jail in connection with offences arising out of political activities, should immediately be released. All pending cases arising out of political activities should also be withdrawn and all political prisoners detained without trial should be released.


" Grave and challenging problems, including those of hunger, unemployment, illiteracy and floods, among others lie ahead. We pledge to do everything possible, - with the active support and co-operation of the people, so that we may look forward to a better future."


(THE DAWN, Karachi-December 20, 1970)



Source: Bangladesh Documents, vol-I, p.131-132