Department of State













INFO : Amconsul DACCA


SUBJECT : Call on General Hamid



1. Pleased you have appointment with Hamid, particularly in view Aziz Ali Mohammed's comment to you earlier that we "talking to wrong people" and should be pushing military harder on various aspects East Pakistan's relief situation.


2. Suggest you include following points in addition others you may be planning make:


A. President's comments August 4 and Secretary's talks with UNSYG yesterday are evidence of importance we attach to moving as rapidly as possible in East Pakistan relief field. They also reflect strong material support we are giving this effort.


B. We are hopeful that there will be greater international participation this effort but this depends heavily on what GOP and GOEP do themselves.


C. Thus we do not believe there will be the kind of international participation that is needed unless there is better and quicker evidence of determined Pak effort support UN steps to get its personnel and machinery in operation and a stronger effort to improve on distribution system inside East Pakistan. GOP now has excellent opportunity to demonstrate in tangible terms what it is ready to do on its part to bring UN effectively to bear on ameliorating overall situation East Pakistan.


D. No outside activities can overcome problem of meeting food and other human needs in East Pakistan unless government machinery starts to function and normal economic life returns. Bengali population's fear of Mukhti Bahini, Peace Committees and some of actions of Army itself, are a strong elements preventing these things from happening.


E. Civil apparatus in East Pakistan is sluggish. Are there ways to energize it, and provide the needed leadership; to improve communications between the MLA and the civilian GOEP?


F. Any diversion of humanitarian relief commodities, or rationing on political lines will create difficulties for those countries trying to help. Considerable property . particularly boats and vehicles, are still apparently in military hands, including mangy donated by both U.S. and UN for various civilian purposes. Would it not be possible for the MLA to initiate significant return of these items in order to demonstrate clearly its commitment to accomplishment of civilian, humanitarian purposes`.'


G. Finally, Pak military should be better aware than anyone else of crucial link between manner in which military copes with insurgency situation East Pak villages and atmosphere which will encourage refugees in India to return.


3. Above is generally indicative only, and should be supplemented and particularized by specifics in relief field you judge appropriate to this interview, and which you know better than we.


4. In addition, we will be interested in what Hamid as key advisor to Yahya has to say on prospects for political accommodation East Pakistan. In emphasizing importance we attach this process you should point out our general view that maximum of magnanimity and speed necessary to enlist support of even disappointingly small number of cleared MNA's on GOP's amnesty list. On Mujib, Hamid presumably well aware position which we have now made public. We continue hope trial and ultimate sentence will be handled by GOP in way that will conflict as little as possible with political accommodation process.


5. If Hamid raises Indo/Soviet treaty, suggest you say we still studying this but hope it will not contribute to any heightening of tensions. (Paks here taking line with us that treaty pushes Indo/Pak situation one step closer to conflict.) END








Source: The American Papers (Secret and confidential India, Pakistan and Bangladesh Documents; page no 634-635, The University Press.