Statement on March 25, 1971, at Dacca



Sheikh Mujibur Rahman today gave a call for a general strike throughout " Bangla Desh " on March 27th as a mark of protest against " heavy firing upon the civilian population " in Saidpur, Rangpur and Joydevpur.


In a statement, he declared that such " atrocities and killing of unarmed people could not go unchallenged".


He said, " I am shocked to hear of the military action in Saidpur, Rangpur and Joydevpur. There are reports of heavy firing upon the civilian population and of atrocities being committed on them. The police are being totally by-passed while a reign of terror is being unleashed. From Chittagong, reports are pouring in of heavy firing".


He said all this had happened while the President is at Dacca for the declared purpose of resolving politically the grave crisis facing the country. " I urge him to order immediate cessation of such military operations," he said.


It should be known that such atrocities and killing of unarmed people shall not go unchallenged. I am confident that the brave sons of " Bangla Desh " are ready to face all eventualities in order to attain their goal, that is, the emanci­pation of the people of the "Bangla Desh", he added.

The following exemptions shall be allowed during the strike:


Hospitals, ambulances, doctors' cars, medicine shops, press and press cars, water, gas and electric supply.


According to another message, Sheikh Mujib today called upon the people to remain prepared for supreme sacrifices " to realise your rights ".


Addressing a huge procession from Rayerbazaar area, the Sheikh said: " If some of us have to die again for our rights, this will be the last time".


He said there must not be any relaxation in the movement in which the people of East Pakistan had demonstrated their unity.


The Sheikh said that the Bengalees were dying every year in floods and cyclones. " It seems they are born to die in these calamities ", he added.


                                                                                                                   (THE PAKISTAN TIMES, Lahore-March 26, 1971)


           Source: Bangladesh Documents, vol – 1, page no. 273