Statement by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on March 25, 1971 at Dacca


The Awami League Chief, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, reiterated here today that no power earth could now frustrate the just and legitimate demands of the 75 million people of East Pakistan.


The Awami League Chief addressed a number of processions which marched upto his Dhanmandi residence today. He said " our demands are just and clear and there is no other way out than to accede to the demands in toto".


Sounding a stern note of warning against the conspirators whole, he said, were active again to sabotage the united movement of the East Pakistanis, Sheikh Mujib asked them not to play with fire. This might lead to dire consequences for the country.


He asserted that the unprecedented unity of 75 million people of East Pakistan was bound to realise their legitimate demands. These could not be suppressed by force now whatever its strength. If anyone showed his 'eyes' to suppress the people's rights, we would not tolerate and would crush it, he added.


The Sheikh asserted that Bengalees would either live as free citizens of the country or would perish but would never bow down to the unholy clique.


He called upon the people to continue the movement until their legitimate demands were fully accented and they were emancipated.


The staff and employees of the Hotel Intercontinental today ceremoniously hoisted a regular sized 'Joy Bangla flag' replacing the smaller one at the main mast.

The new flag measuring 100 x 60 inches was unfurled in the presence of a large number of people including foreign journalists.


Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had a series of discussions today with his front ranking party aids on the latest political development and the situation at Chittagong, Saidpur and Rangpur.


Curfew was re-imposed in Rangpur for 14 hours beginning from 5 p.m. today according to the reports reaching here tonight.


The 24-hour curfew, which was imposed there last night, was relaxed for five hours earlier in the day today.


(MORNING NEWS, Karachi and Dacca-March 26, 1971)



Source: Bangladesh Documents, vol I, p. 272