Report of the directives released to the Press on March 25, 1971


Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the Awami League Chief, directed tonight that export of jute and jute goods from Bangla Desh should be resumed forthwith.


In a fresh list of directives released to the Press tonight, the Sheikh asked the shipping companies not to refuse cargo from Bangla Desh. He also assured foreign shipping companies that they will be allowed to remit their freight charges in foreign exchange according to normal procedures.


He also announced telecommunication links with foreign countries will function cia Manila and London.


The following new directives and clarifications were issued by him:


Directive No. 36 (Exports): Export of jute and jute goods should be resumed forthwith and export documents should be negotiated through the Eastern Banking Corporation and Eastern Mercantile Bank Ltd., according to the procedure already laid down for pending export bills in directive No. 25 (n).


Relevant sections of the Jute Board, the State Bank and Customs shall operate to approve and register export forms and to process shipping documents. Overseas mail and cable services shall be available for export and banking transactions. Shipping companies should not refuse to accept cargo. Foreign shipping companies are assured that they will be allowed to remit their freight in foreign exchange according to the normal procedure.


Directive No. 5 (Imports): (a) No amendment to letters of credit shall be permissible with regard to the destination of the cargo imported under such letter of credit.


(b) The necessary sections of PIA mad function for delivery of the parcels and documents Ding with them sib 1st March 19-1.


Directive No. 9 (Post and Telegraphs): All telecommunication to foreign countries shall function via Manila and London.. A:1 production units such as Telephone Industries Corporation. Cabs. Industries Corporation and the Telegraph Workshop shall function normally with immediate effect.


(THE DAWN, Karachi-March 26, 1971)



Source: Bangladesh Documents, vol I, p.271