Statement by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on March 7, 1971


Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Chief of the Awami League today announced a week-long programme from to-morrow.


In a statement, the Awami League Chief said the non-violent and non­co-operation movement would continue till the objectives-the immediate termination of Martial Law and transfer of power to the elected representatives-were achieved. He said our struggle must continue.


The programme would be:


1. No-tax campaign to continue.


2. The Secretariat, Government and semi-Government offices, High Courts and other courts throughout Bangla Desh should observe hartals. Appropriate exemp­tion shall be announced from time to time.


3. Railway and ports may function, but railway workers and port workers should not co-operate if railways or ports are used for mobilisation of forces for the purpose of carrying out repression against the people.


4. Radio, Television and newspapers shall give complete versions of our statements and shall not supress news about the people's movement, otherwise Bangalees working in these establishments shall not co-operate.


5. Only local and inter-district trunk telephone communication shall function. 6. All educational institutions shall remain closed.


7. Banks shall not effect remittances to the Western Wing either through the State Bank or otherwise.


8. Black flags shall be hoisted on all buildings every day.


9. Hartal is withdrawn in all other spheres but complete or partial hartal may be declared at any moment depending upon the situation.


10. A Sangram Parishad (Council of Action) should be organised in each union, mahallah, thana, sub-division and district under the leadership of the local Awami League units.


Announcing the programme, of action, Sheikh Mujib said the transport service would be allowed to function. In this connection he referred to railway, rickshaw and transports.


He said the banks could remain open for two hours for cash transactions for disbursing salaries, but " not a single farthing can be transferred to West Pakistan." The factory owners must pay off the salaries of their workers.


Sheikh Mujib asked the Radio, Television and newspapers to faithfully report the events and the movements. " If our news are not reported, Bengalis should not attend to their duties."



(THE DAWN, Karachi-March 8, 1971)



Source: Bangladesh Documents, vol – I, p.223