Statement in Dacca on February 9, 1971


Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the Awami League Chief, regretted today the unnecessary delay in convening the National Assembly and said it seemed another conspiracy to deprive the people of their own Government.


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Sheikh Mujibur Rahman reiterated that his party was determined to frame a -constitution on the basis of its six point programme.


He said: " We want to frame a constitution and we shall frame it on the basis of six-point programme. Those who would accept it, let them accept and those who won't (accept) let them not accept it."


The Awami League Chief said that his party was in majority in Pakistan, and it could frame a constitution. But still it sought the co-operation of others. He -said: " If anyone refuses to co-operate, it will be his responsibility."


Sheikh Mujibur Rahman said that people had reposed confidence in his party and " only the representatives of the people are competent to frame a constitu­tion for the country." " No one else has that right (to frame the constitution) " he said.


Sheikh Mujibur Rahman referred to his party's victory in last December elections and their expectation to frame a constitution to help the induction of a people's Government to solve their problems and said "conspiracy is still going on."


He said, " Pakistan's politics is the politics of conspiracy and intrigue. Conspiracy has not yet stopped, it is still going on. But since the Bengalees have learnt to shed blood none can stop them any more. We must frame the constitution on the basis of six points."


Sheikh Mujibur Rahman 'said, "The Awami Leaguers are true to their promise and they don't go back on their promise." If necessary, we will again suffer jail term, but we can't deviate from the principle." He said that he and his party men were not afraid of anyone except God, adding that if the ruling clique had thought they could frighten them, they were mistaken.


In this connection he referred to " jail-zoolum " of Ayub regime on him and other Awami Leaguers. He told the Awami Leaguers that the struggle had not ended, it had only started and asked them to remain prepared for sacrifice for the sake of posterity.


Shiekh Mujibur Rahman restating his party's stand on framing the constitution referred to the oath taken by his party MNAs and MPAs at Ramna Race Course for framing it on the basis of six-point and 11-point programmes.


He said that in the joint meeting of the Awami League Parliamentarians in the National and Provincial Assemblies and in, the Party Working Committee meeting during the middle of February " decisions would be taken on our future course of action."


The Awami League Chief referred to the acute food shortage, price spiral in the province and recent cyclone devastation, and said " we can't allow our people to die and to be exploited." He listed various problems being faced by the people and said that his party wanted to take away the . resources from the exploiters and distribute those among the people. He said that after elections they had hoped to frame a Constitution, and to take over the responsibility of adminis­tration and " to go all-out to solve the problems of the people."


Sheikh Mujibur Rahman said that the ruling clique and the exploiters had created such multifarious problems in different spheres of life that even if his party came to power it would be terribly difficult to solve those problems immediately. He said that Bengal had been turned into a market and colony, and its food problem had been made so acute that the province was now having an annual deficit of 2,000,000 tons of foodgrains.


The Awami League Chief asked his partymen to remain prepared, adding: If time comes I will give a call to you. Power has to come to us and none can stop it. When power comes to us, we will go all out to solve the problems of our people."


He said he was hopeful of a bright and prosperous future of the Bengalees. " We will succeed because we are fighting for truth."


(THE DAWN, Karachi-February 10, 1971)


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Source: Bangladesh Documents, vol-I, p.149-150