Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's statement at Patuakhali on January 11, 1971.


Awami League Chief Sheikh Mujib said yesterday that according to the verdict of the people his party alone was competent to form the Government both in the Centre and in Bangla Desh.


Framing the Constitution on the basis of the Six-Points programme would ensure the right of common men he said.


On the final leg of his election campaign tour covering the southern coastal belt, where the election was postponed due to the disastrous November cyclone, the Sheikh spoke at Pathargata, Darguna, Amtali, Khepupara, Galachipa and Patuakhali during the last two days.


In these affected areas, Sheikh Mujib was welcomed by the people with cheers and renewed enthusiasm after they heard that their leader was the target of a would-be assassin on January 7, at Dacca.


Reassuring his people of sustained struggle to achieve their rights, Sheikh observed that this time the exploiters had been stunned to see the consciousness of the people of Bangla Desh. Had they known the result of conceding voting rights to the people, certainly the former would not have allowed it, said Sheikh Mujib.


Reiterating his warning about the conspiracy against him and the people by interested quarters, he referred to the recent killings of the newly-elected MPA and an Awami League worker at Pabna and Khulna respectively.


He asked the people to equip themselves with bamboo lathis and wooden sticks for any eventuality. But "without my order you must not do anything", the leader cautioned the people in the same breath.


Referring to the recent attempt on his life, Sheikh Sahib said that there was nothing to be fearful of death since no one is immortal. "I will carry on my struggle" to achieve the goal, he asserted.


*                                                       *                                                  *                                                 *


In the total rout of anti-people, so-called leaders, Mr. Nurul Amin escaped the notice of the people, the Sheikh pointed out. But this was too far and no further with these people, who acted as the lackeys of the vested interest in the last 23 years, Sheikh Mujib reminded his people. He was referring to some contestants to Awami League nominees from Convention Muslim League.


Asking the people to return his party nominees not as an individual candidate but as an Awami Leaguer, and Sheikh Mujib's representatives, he assured that they would be answerable to you.



*                                                       *                                                  *                                                 *




Sheikh Mujib said the exploiters and vested interests went for conspiracies one after another to suppress the demands of the people. They did not hesitate to dismiss popularly-elected ministry of Shere Bangla late A. K. Fazlul Haq and to jail late H. S. Suhrawardy at the fag end of his life, although he had made a big contribution to the creation of Pakistan.


In the services and economic field Bangla Desh suffered, he said and added "our resources were exploited and Bengalees were denied the right to enjoy fruits of the freedom".


He said the former President Ayub Khan took over through the back door to ruthlessly rule people after defranchising them, although it was through the votes of common men that Pakistan appeared on the map of the world. "We cannot forget the sacrifices of those who laid down their lives to fight against the oppressions," Awami League leader said, and added that he was jailed and later implicated in a concocted Agartala Conspiracy Case for taking a firm stand against suppression and exploitation. Many Awami Leaguers were also jailed, he added.


Assassination Bid


While referring to the recent attempt to assassinate him, he said "when they lost in the elections they adopted other methods to suppress the voice of the people of Bengal". He also spoke about the killing of his party's MPA elect from Pabna and a party worker in Khulna immediately after the polls.


Sheikh Mujib said, "They are mistaken that they can deliver goods to the country by killing people like thieves and dacoits in the darkness of night. I know the socalled revolutionaries and reactionaries. They will see its consequences very soon. These elements neither have faith in the people nor do they care for public opinion".


(THE DAWN, Karachi-January 12, 1971)



Source: Bangladesh Documents, vol-I, p.142-143